Sweet potato farmers anticipate strong, average harvest this season

CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss (WCBI) – This Fall is looking pretty sweet for some area farmers.

Sweet potato harvest season has been underway since August, and growers are looking at a strong, average crop.

And depending on the weather, they could see “above” average yields.

The growing season got off to a slow start due to dry, hot weather in late May and early June when the slips were being planted.

But most of the plants survived and now the dry conditions are playing into the farmers’ favor.

“This harvest season is going well. I really don’t want to jinx it, because we are off to a great start. But a lot can happen between now and the end. We are only 40% of the way in. I am really hopeful of a strong finish, but that will depend on the weather,” said Lorin Harvey, MSU Sweet Potato Specialist.

“This year’s harvest comes to a pretty good start. It’s been dry for good digging weather for all the farmers trying to get all their crops out this year, and as far as I can tell, it’s been a pretty, fair crop,” said Caleb Englert, Sweet Potato Council President.

Growers have harvested about 40% of the crop so far.

Harvest season usually lasts until November.

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