Taking care of your car is important as the temperature drops

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – When it gets cold we try our best to keep our houses warm and keep our pipes from bursting, but what about your car?

When Nia Smith clocks into work, there is one thing she knows she will see before she clocks out.

“The most things we get around this time is tire pressure. Tire pressure tire pressure. It will be hot then stay cold for a while and people will come in complaining about their tire pressure,” said Smith.

Smith said it’s not unusual or a bad thing when your low tire light pops on. It could just be the cold weather playing tricks on your car.

“When the ground is cold your tires constrict. It’s not that it loses a lot of air. It just constricts but when you constantly drive it heats up.

It’s not just tire pressure.

Cold weather can also expose other issues under the hood.

“Batteries, starters, alternators all three go together. Check your battery out. If you are having a cold start getting it checked out. When it comes to batteries you never want to be anywhere stuck,” said Smith.

And don’t neglect your car’s cooling system, because you don’t want it freezing up.

“Check your coolant make sure you don’t have a lot of water in it. Less water as possible and I know some of them take 50/50; half coolant and half water. But in the winter time preferably straight coolant,” said Smith.

Getting your car checked is probably at the bottom of your Christmas list, but with the possibility of an arctic blast, you should bump it up.

Because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

“Always keep your car up and always get it checked out because you don’t know what could happen or where you could be if something goes wrong,” said Smith.

And it seems like the temperature is just continuing to drop daily so you might want to get those cars checked soon.

If you ever have any questions, you can always call a mechanic to help you with any car needs.

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