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The Mississippi Home Corporation (MHC) has awarded approximately $6.6 million of Housing Tax Credits to 17 developments across the State. Financing provided by the sale of the tax credits to investors will help developers build or rehabilitate 564 units in 13 different Mississippi counties. MHC estimates the awards will generate 573 jobs, $19.5 million in construction wages and $58.2 million in related spending.

Fourteen of the seventeen developments that received awards in this cycle will rehabilitate existing rental stock. “MHC encourages developers to rehabilitate older facilities in need of updating and renovation, and Housing Tax Credits make those efforts financially feasible,” explained Dianne Bolen, Executive Director of MHC. Another added benefit of the Housing Tax Credit Program is the mandatory compliance period, which “requires property managers to maintain their developments for a minimum of 15 years. That way, they aren’t in danger of falling back into disrepair,” added Bolen.

MHC awards Housing Tax Credits on a competitive basis and received 57 applications requesting $30.2 million in credit authority in the current cycle. Mississippi’s total credit authority was $6.6 million. Through a points system, MHC encourages developers to meet Mississippi’s housing needs. MHC spent time researching the housing needs of disabled persons, and in 2012 included language encouraging developments that would address those needs. “We’re happy to report that Camille Court in Waveland and Millwood Village II in McComb will help meet the needs of disabled Mississippians,” noted Bolen.

The following developments received tax credit awards:


Oakwood Apartments, 44 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation

Pine Grove Apartments, 24 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation


Oakwood Apartments and Maplewood Apartments, 48 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation


Oscar Barlow Apartments, 24 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation


The Meadows Apartments, 36 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation


Lutkin Bayou Apartments, 36 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation


Meadow Lawn II, 32 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation

Friars Point

Levee Apartments, 24 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation

Holly Springs

Murphy Lane, 36 units, new construction


Millwood Village II, 26 units, new construction

Mt. Olive

Olivewood Apartments, 24 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation

West Point

Point Place Apartments, 40 units, rehabilitation


Oak Ridge Apartments, 44 units, rehabilitation

Village Oaks Apartments I, 36 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation

Village Oaks Apartments II, 36 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation


Camille Court, 30 units, new construction


Fairview Manor, 24 units, acquisition/ rehabilitation

Bolen explained how the HTC program works to provide housing for low income Mississippians: “The Tax Credit Program provides a valuable partnership for public and private purpose companies by enticing investors to provide funding for affordable housing across the State. Using the money raised by the sale of the tax credits to investors, the developers are then able to afford to charge lower rents for market-rate quality housing.”

Parties interested in the Housing Tax Credit program or who wish to learn more about the Mississippi Home Corporation should contact MHC directly at 601.718.INFO (4636) or at www.mshomecorp.com.

The Mississippi Home Corporation was created by the State in 1989 to serve as the State’s Housing Finance Agency. In that capacity, MHC administers the Mortgage Revenue Bond program and the Housing Tax Credit program, among others. MHC’s mission is to enhance Mississippi’s long-term economic viability by financing safe, decent, affordable housing and helping working families build wealth.

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