Teacher appreciation week: Giving back to those who give the most

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) –  Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner, and many people are looking to give back to those who give the most.

Teachers touch beyond the classroom and for many of them, their students’ success is their success.

WCBI talked with local educators about their everyday duties and the passion that keeps them going.

They’re mentors, friends, and sometimes the person to lean on when you need it the most.

The job is demanding, but there’s a saying in the Education field: Those who can, Teach.

Stacee Bonner will be the first to tell you teaching is more than a job.

With each day different, Bonner says you never know what role you will play.

“A teacher does more than teach. We wear many hats. Some days we are moms, and some days we have to be a fireman depending on what level the student is on. Some days we have to be a doctor or we may have to be a close loved one,” said Bonner.

But for Bonner, teaching goes beyond the textbooks.

She said one of her biggest goals is to create a bond with her students and to let them know everyone has the potential to succeed.

“For me, it’s being able to build a trustworthy relationship with the student and the parent and also being able to let the children know that they have the potential to succeed and be great in life. One of the most important things that I instill in my children is to let them know that their attitude determines their altitude,” said Bonner.

Macy Lofton is a senior Elementary Education student at Mississippi University for Women.

This semester she’s been working on her residency and has been able to shadow at area schools.

She said that many people questioned her decision to go into education,

But she said the field gives her the opportunity to make a difference.

“There are a lot of reasons people are choosing not to go into an education career field but for me, it’s all about the passion and helping children learn and grow in their education,” said Lofton.

Lofton said that her mentoring teachers are very open about the reality of being an educator.

But she is able to find support from their community.

“They know what it’s like to do and what we are going through because they have gone through the same program that we have so they are there for us as much as our university supervisors are and they know what it’s like to be in our position,” said Lofton.

For anyone who is considering the career, Bonner has some words of advice.

“Make sure that you have a passion for wanting to teach. make sure that you have a love for children and also being able to communicate with parents and you have to be a person that is able to adapt to the changes of any day,” said Bonner.

Columbus Middle School will be having different themes all next week for its teachers.

If you would like to be a part of their giving back to teachers, visit columbuscityschoolscms.com

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