Temporary Hospital in Louisville Opens Doors

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Just three weeks after the Winston Medical Center was destroyed by the tornado, a temporary hospital in Louisville is now open for service.

The hospital opened its doors to patients at 7 Monday morning. The temporary facility includes an emergency room, x-ray lab and patient waiting area. Though it’s not fully equipped with everything from the former medical center, residents say they’re glad to have the new facility. Winston County resident Bobby Gill brought his mom to the new hospital for some testing.

“She’s getting everything taken care of the way it’s supposed to be so they’re doing a pretty good job though,” says Gill.

“Our goal is to have it up and running just like the medical center. It will be a little slow. It’s a learning curve for us right now but we’re very excited to be able to provide these services. Hopefully, we’re going to be able to provide all the services we were at our old facility,” says Director of Radiology, Robert Higginbotham.

The temporary hospital is expected to be in service for about 18 months.

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