The (lipsync) battle of the law enforcement agencies

WEST POINT, Miss.(WCBI) – It’s a craze that’s sweeping the nation and of course making its way into the Golden Triangle.

The Law Enforcement Lip Sync Challenge. It started earlier this summer and has been gaining attention since.

Videos are popping up all over the Magnolia State.

Most departments can’t resist the urge to throw their hat into the ring.

“We were challenged by the Corinth Police Department. We know a lot of the officers there and we just kind of wanted to get on board,” said West Point Assistant Police Chief Kennedy Meaders.

Meaders says it’s a great way to bond with co-workers and show folks around town that cops are human too.

“It’s a morale booster. It helps us with the department especially when you’re trying to unite your department and have that cohesiveness in the department. You also get the community involved to let them know we want them out here, to just dance with us, and have fun with us,” said Meaders .

Starkville Police Department just released its challenge video. However Public Relations Officer Brandon Lovelady says the department wanted to go a different route than just a lip sync.

“Yeah, it’s law enforcement and some fire agencies are doing them but we wanted a more comprehensive one and have a little fun. The whole idea, we are going to go out here and have fun. We talked about lip sync at first but we decided that wasn’t right for us as a whole,” said Lovelady.

Both agencies agree participating in things like this helps the community see officers in a different light.

“I think with all the stuff going on with law enforcement in the communities we want to let people know that we want them to come and be with us and be like us. Before we were law enforcement officers, we weren’t law enforcement officers. We were just people, just like them,” said Meaders .

“These are the people you see every day working in your community trying to keep your community safe but you see, we’re just as normal as anybody else,” said Lovelady.

West Point drops their video Saturday on the department’s Facebook page.

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