Child pornography case still under investigation in Monroe County

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Sheriff Cantrell says when it comes to a case involving minors, the investigators look at all possibilities.

Deputies also tell WCBI, more arrests could be made.

The investigation has been underway since Monday.

Sheriff Cantrell says the case opened when the victim’s parent came by and reported the crime.

“Our understanding, of course, we’re early in this investigation, but we understand there was a minor child that was taken advantage of. Looks like at this point, there was some child exploitation, which is child pornography involved with some sexual acts.”

Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell says it happened this past Saturday, after the Smithville High School prom.

The men are accused of videoing a sexual act, and sharing that video.

“When you start doing this thing and videoing different sexual activities and then distributing that around, it becomes a very serious situation. There’s a lot of people in trouble over this.”

He says this happened at a prom after party that took place out here at what’s known to locals as the helicopter pad.

“At this time, I think quite a bit of alcohol may have been involved. That’s why I would tell all the parents, make sure you know what your children are doing because you can be, they can be, put in a situation, or get themselves in a situation, because of maybe drinking too much.”

The sheriff says the video was shared with several people, including students.

He also adds, if you have video of this on your phone, to delete it because you can get in trouble too.

“We’re talking mostly juveniles, that are in possession, it’s on their phones, so they’re in possession of child pornography, which that would go through youth court,” says Chief Deputy Curtis Knight.

The sheriff says they are pursuing all leads.

No Monroe County School is involved in this investigation.

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