The Reed Brothers Gospel Ministry

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Spreading the Christian word through song and music is what the Reed Brothers are all about. The group won the International Country Gospel Music Association Vocal Group of the Year Award earlier this year.

The group travels and performs at different churches trying to spread their message.

The band is made up of Nick Reed, Boo Reed, Ray Reed, and Jeff Reed. Four brothers who are using their gospel ministry to save souls.

“Seeing it touch people lives. After church service they’ll come up and say, ‘this song really blessed me this morning, I was going through it,’ you know know they relate to it,” Nick Reed said.

The Brothers have always been involved with music, But they weren’t always singing about Christ. The group started out performing at night clubs, but that didn’t sit well with certain family members.
“Mom and dad have never, in all of the years that we played secular music, they never once came to see us, but now it’s a blessing that we can come to church now and see them. They were at home praying for us,” Reed said.

That prayer helped guide the group back over to the gospel side. They’ve have been performing full time for two years now, And they say transition was an easy one to make.

“We’ve been doing it for so long, I know what they’re going to do before they even do it, and vice versa with them,” Reed said.

The band writes, produces, and arrange all of their own music, which something they take pride in.

“I had a song writer ask me, he said, How do you know when you have a good song? I said, when you have a tear in your eye or goosebumps on you, that’s when you know you’ve written a good song.”

The group is currently nominated for a total of eight different musical awards this year.

Though winning them all would be nice, the group says helping lost souls become saved is the ultimate satisfaction for them.

“It’s about Jesus. It ain’t about no buses, it ain’t about no money, fame, or fortune. We don’t need all that, what we need is souls saved,” Reed said.

If anyone is interested in booking or voting for the Reed Brothers visit their Facebook page, or website

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