The search is on for participants in dog fighting ring

PONTOTOC COUNTY, Miss (WCBI) – A dog fighting ring busted in Pontotoc County early Sunday morning led to one arrest while the search is on for eight others.

This all happened in the Longview Community.

Investigators believe a possible gambling game was underway involving dog fights.

Sadly, one of the dogs involved died as deputies were taking it to a veterinarian.

A bloody box is the last thing Pontotoc County deputies thought they’d find when responding to a possible drug activity call.

It’s something Sheriff Leo Mask had never seen in his county.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had this,” said Sheriff Mask.

Investigators stumbled on what they’re calling a dog fighting ring. Once they got on scene, Sheriff Leo Mask said the people there scattered.

“When deputies arrived people ran off everywhere,”said Sheriff Mask.

Except for one man.

Jamie Dupree Holmes, 30, who bond was set at $5,000.

Mask said a social gathering was taking place and possibly a gambling game, allowing those to place bets on what dog they think would win.

“The people were having a party, you can see that they got food and everything. They were eating and having a good time, watching the dogs kill one another,” said Sheriff Mask.

A black pitbull named Rainbow died on the car ride to Second Chances Animal Rescue from injuries it received fighting.

Outside a generator, bottles of ketchup and food were present, along with the ring and strung up lights.

Sheriff Mask said this is a crime the county simply won’t put up with.

“It doesn’t make any sense to watch two animals kill themselves or kill one another,” said Sheriff Mask.

Sheriff Masks said that more arrest are to be made.

If you are suspicious of animal cruelty or abusive call the nearest rescue shelter or the police.

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