The town of Weir is in search of a new mayor

A town with no leader is what the town of Weir is going through

WEIR, Miss. (WCBI)- A town with no leader is what the town of Weir is going through right now. There hasn’t been a mayor in office for the town since June, but city officials are working to get someone in the seat. The town is missing a key figure in the office; after the former mayor didn’t redo the paperwork to retain the position the town hasn’t had anyone to fill the seat.

“The mayor position came up in the general election for qualification and we didn’t have anyone that qualified for that position so it did not go forward for election at that time at that time you have to set it for a special election,” said the town’s board attorney Kasey Burney Young.

Young said the special election was set for August 24, 2021, but they’re still wasn’t anyone who qualified for the position; however,  someone has filled in for the time being.

“There’s a mayor fill in that is appointed by the board that basically serves like a vice president and they step in and serve as the temporary mayor before we officially have someone in that position,” said Young.

Thomas Higgins holds that title until the town officials get together and discuss possible candidates for the mayor seat.

“An alderman can bring up a vote or make a suggestion for someone for a vote and they’ll have a discussion about that and then if they approve they’ll just go through the process of approval just like they would any other motion so someone would make the motion and they would have a second and if it gets a second they will have a discussion on whether or not it’s appropriate and then vote on that,” said Young.

Officials at the town hall said that they anticipate a meeting among the officials in September 2021 to appoint the town a new mayor.

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