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Chip Reid investigates a proposal that claims it could make doing taxes easier — and why there are some who don’t like the idea.

On April 8, 1947, the biggest array of sunspots ever recorded was observed. Jane Pauley reports.

Images by husband-and-wife photographers Anjali Pinto and Jacob Johnson, by and of each other. 

Anjali Pinto/Jacob Johnson

ART: Photos of love and loss
After photographer Anjali Pinto lost her husband, Jacob Johnson (also a photographer) just 16 months after getting married, she turned to Instagram, posting images of him, and of them – each an insight into her daily grief.  Her Instagram following grew to more than 51,000, and many were inspired to write their own stories of love and loss. Correspondent Michelle Miller talked with Pinto at an exhibition of photographs by her and her husband, and talked about the power of images and true stories to bring strangers together.

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Lyricist Bernie Taupin at his California art studio, with correspondent Lee Cowan.

CBS News

Bernie Taupin
Lee Cowan talks with the poet and lyricist, the longtime songwriting partner of Elton John.

Revamp and Restoration Pre-Order by Paca Thomas on YouTube

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A view of the Faroe Islands, home to about 50,000 people. They are located midway between Norway and Iceland, but are not a part of the European Union. 

CBS News

The Faroe Islands – a country of 18 tiny islands in-between Iceland and Norway, and officially part of the kingdom of Denmark – bill themselves as Europe’s best-kept secret. So secret, in fact, that many people don’t know they’re in Europe. But it may not be a secret much longer, after a local restaurant, Koks, in the village of Leynavatn, earned the islands’ first Michelin star. Conor Knighton visits the dining destination far removed from the rest of the world.

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Actor Antonio Banderas on a rooftop shows correspondent Seth Doane the view of his hometown, Malaga, Spain. 

CBS News

MOVIES: Antonio Banderas
“A man without roots is a nobody,” says actor Antonio Banderas, who showed correspondent Seth Doane around his hometown of Malaga, Spain, and around its museum honoring fellow local boy-done-good Pablo Picasso, the artist whom Banderas plays in the National Geographic series, “Genius.”

Genius: Picasso – Trailer | National Geographic by National Geographic on YouTube

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Lost and found

Tina Fey
The musical “Mean Girls” opens April 8 on Broadway, and it’s a big deal for Tina Fey, the actress-author-comedian who wrote the script for the show based upon her now-classic 2004 movie. “Sunday Morning” host Jane Pauley speaks with Fey, her husband Jeff Richmond (who composed the show’s music), and “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels, who produced both the movie and the stage show.

Saving Seats | Mean Girls on Broadway by Mean Girls on Broadway on YouTube

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Good boy(s)! 

CBS News

OPINION: Dog cloning
Luke Burbank has some thoughts on whether to clone his beloved yellow Lab, Rudy.

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Joe Kennedy III
Massachusetts Rep. Joseph Kennedy III, grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, is stepping into the national spotlight. Gayle King reports.

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Week of April 9
“Sunday Morning” takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

Hummingbirds in Sonora Desert 




This snowy owl, probably a first year male, recently made a rare appearance in northern Texas.

Randall Patterson

NATURE UP CLOSE: Snowy owls down south
Fort Worth, Texas, played host to a rare event: An irruption featuring a bird normally found in the Arctic tundra.


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