Threat of severe weather potentially prompting residents to use storm shelters


WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – With the threat of severe weather this weekend, area emergency managers are working to balance shelter from the storms and social distancing.

Shelters are adopting guidelines to protect people from the weather and COVID-19.

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Winston County encourages people to bring their own gloves and masks.

City or county personnel will be on sight to aid in efforts.

Winston County EMA Director Buddy King wants residents to feel comfortable taking shelter.

“If that shelter provides you safety, utilize the shelter as you normally would,” said King. “The shelters are going to be safe. We can practice that distancing within the shelter. They are well ventilated, they are newer buildings. The exposure is much reduced as it would be in another public venue.”

Winston County has large community shelters in downtown Louisville and in Nanih Waiya.