Video: Three Local Sheriffs Honored

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Today, the Louisville School District and city as a whole recognized three local sheriffs for meeting what they are calling “a state record benchmark”.

Sheriff Mike Arledge of Lowndes County, Sheriff Steve Gladney of Oktibbeha County, and Sheriff Jason Pugh of Winston County were all acknowledged for being Louisville natives who have all been elected as sheriffs.

All three graduated from Louisville High, played football together and were elected in 3 surrounding counties in 2011.

The Louisville community wanted to recognize them for being such great products of the local school system.

The sheriff’s say that their thanks goes to the teachers and leaders who helped them get there.

“This is an honor, it truly is. Louisville and Winston County hold a special place in my heart. you know went to school here, grew up here, got great memories, fond memories you know and wouldn’t trade it for the world.” said Sheriff Gladney.

“It was a very enjoyable and I got the chance to meet with some teachers I had and a lot of the people I lived with in the community and it was just a joy for me.”said Sheriff Alredge.

“Of course I’ve got some good friends of mine here today and it’s really nice to hang out with these guys and especially Mr. Tommy who helped us get through this and we never realized until he got to discussing it with us and it’s pretty neat.” said Sheriff Pugh.

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