Town Creek Festival draws a huge crowd Saturday

NETTLETON, Miss. (WCBI)- The annual Nettleton Town Creek Festival drew a huge crowd to downtown Nettleton Saturday. Attendees could enjoy live music, inflatables for the kid, and of course plenty of food. Jaime Elliott is president of the Main Street Association of Nettleton which put on the event.

“Well, we really want to make a great impression,” said Elliott. “We want a lot of people to come back to this next year. We want it to grow every year. We’re loving having everybody out here all this fun stuff to do so we really want it to grow. We want Nettleton to be beautified more so we are really really hoping for an even bigger and bigger and better year to come.

Mayor Mem Riley was impressed with the turnout of this weekend’s event believing people are ready to get things back to normal after dealing with Covid.

“I do believe people are ready to get and see their neighbors and see their friends from other towns and come out and shop,” said Mayor Riley. “And I really believe that’s a good reason for it. When you a group of people out like today it just helps the community. We want to showcase our community because we’ve got a great little town. We wish to see more people move in and share in our happiness around here and everything is going good in the city of Nettleton.”

James Malone is a retired superintendent of the Nettleton public schools and Jamie Elliot’s father. He is also pleased with the attendance at the festival.

“Well, I think it’s great for the community, said Malone. “We’re glad some of these businesses are opening up down here now and we’re trying to get a little more action here on downtown Nettleton streets. We haven’t had much in a long time.”

And Malone said in Nettleton it’s all about family.

“Well, it’s just the people here. Everybody knows everybody, knows all their family. A lot of them are related to each other so it’s just a great place to be a great community.”

One of the newest attractions to downtown Nettleton is this recently completed mural which chronicles the history of the community and one person who knows about the history of Nettleton and the Town Creek Festival is a former mayor and current Mississippi Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley.

“This is the biggest event we’ve had since we started the Towncreek Festival,” said Presley. “We named it that because Nettleton wouldn’t be here without Towncreek which is just to our west. The first settlement was the small town of Carmargo and when the railroad came through it all move here and so we named the festival after the creek that really was what started off our town but this is a great way for the community to come together.”

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