Town of Amory joins together after recent area tragedies

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – As many cities in Mississippi are still in shock from losing almost everything due to a tornado hitting their hometowns, volunteers and elected officials have stopped by to pray for them and help them back on their feet.

Two weeks ago, several Amory residents endured what some said was their worst nightmare.

A tornado swept through the town and now the rebuilding process has begun.

Volunteers have come from all over to help

“So we can help them and at least take the burdens off of them by cleaning their yard and putting their house into the position that it can be repaired or things like that. It does help lift them up because they see the hope that brings it’s one more hurdle taken away from them,” said Brian Bartholme, Volunteer for Samaritan’s Purse.

And Gratitude has been shown.

“It’s amazing seeing all of the community and the churches coming together and people outside of the community helping us,” said Kylie Hargroue, a community member.

Areas like this have to go through a demolition process and then rebuild. Governor Tate Reeves has already been to Amory once to assess the damage. Now, he’s back for a second time on Sunday in Monroe County town.

But this time it wasn’t just for a speech.

“As we go forward from today remember that all things are possible through God and God will be with us,” said Reeves.

Amory Mayor Corey Glenn and Reeves spoke at Frisco Park in Amory before a worship service.

Area churches in Amory gathered together to pray for the community and others who have lost almost everything.

“Most of our lives were forever changed here in Amory. The skyline, homes, and a lot of our belongings are forever gone,” said Glenn.

But they refuse to let a tornado ruin the place they call home.

“Amory 2.0 is on the horizon ya’ll. It’s time to regrow and have a new birth and it takes all of us, every one of us that is here,” said Glenn.

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