Triple Movie Premiere

[bitsontherun iwUvxBwq]WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – North Mississippians looking for some local entertainment will get the chance to attend a triple movie premiere at the Ritz in downtown West Point Thursday night.

With support from the West Point Arts Council and the community in general, its a night out at the theater, compliments of award winning filmmaker Glenn Payne of Blue Springs, Mississippi.

“Its definitely the first that I know of having three films premiered in one night, here in the small town of West Point,” said Michael Williams, Cinematographer.

“You can create any setting here in town. Just depending on where you go. You know you got the beautiful downtown, you’ve got these big like panoramic fields like you would see in Oklahoma or something. You can create any setting that you want right here,” said Casey Dillard, Co-Director/Actress.

Third Shift a Hitchcock inspired who-done-it thriller is one of the flicks made and acted out in the Point City.

“Shot in very very, like one long continuous take as opposed to a cut between two characters. So its a very unique filming style. Very difficult to pull off, but I think they succeeded,” added Dillard.

Also shot in West Point, Genrevolt.

“Genrevolt is a genre switching movie basically these two characters are going through different styles of film. Like horror, comedy, things like that. Trying to find a place to blend in,” said Dillard.

Then there is Reverie, a fairytale told over a modern setting.

These short flicks are expected to be long on entertainment.

“Reverie and Genrevolt are both nine minutes. And Third Shift is 33 minutes,” said Williams.

“And if they see at least one of the movies and think, yes that was really something, I’m glad I saw, then you know we’ve succeeded on some level. Hopefully they’ll like all three,” said Dillard.

All three films will be submitted to film festivals across the country and hopefully viewed around the world.

For more information on the Triple Movie Premiere call 662-275-3285 or email,

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