Triumph and heartbreak: Vardaman’s Maddie Terrell reflects on six-year journey with Rams

VARDAMAN, Miss. (WCBI) – Senior night is always filled with emotions but for Maddie Terrell it is more than just reflecting on her high school career. It’s about the family she made along the way.

On June 9th 2020, tragedy struck. Maddie’s biggest fan and father, Jason, died after a battle with Leiomyosarcoma, a rare cancer of the smooth muscles. That’s when the Vardaman community stepped up.

“I had fill in dads, like every man every women it didn’t matter what they were they were there to support me,” Maddie said. “I felt like I had a family and Vardaman is truly the best family I could’ve asked for.”

During the hardest of times Maddie stayed a bundle of joy thanks to the support of those around her.

“In the funeral procession or whatever she passes by and just rolls down the window and waves at us with just this big huge smile on her,” softball coach Josh Hegwood said. “Even though it’s a sad occasion maybe the friendships and teammates and everything and then the support from the community there is a joy there.”

With every home run Maddie hit, Jason was the loudest one in the crowd. Now after each dinger gratitude washes over her for everyone who helped get to this point.

“It’s so special.” Maddie said. “Every time I do it it’s like all glory to god and my dad and I’m so thankful for them and my mom is an awesome person in my life. She stepped up even when my dad passed away and I’m so thankful for my family through it all.”

Maddie and her mother Tara relied on each other when through the toughest of times.

“It’s amazing to me, she is an amazing child,” Tara said. “Honestly I think God gave her to me because he knew what we were going to go through but she’s my best friend and it’s amazing to get to watch her every step of the way.”

After the season Maddie will take her talents to the University of North Alabama but no matter how far she travels Vardaman will always be behind her.

“It’s like a family and you can’t go past family they’re always going to be there for you,” Maddie said. “Even when I go to UNA, I feel like they are still going to have my back no matter what.”

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