Trump says Philly shooting suspect should get “long sentence”

President Trump weighed in on the suspect who shot six police officers in Philadelphia Wednesday, insisting the individual should never have been on the streets and must receive a “long sentence.”

Mr. Trump, who was briefed Wednesday on the shooting, said the U.S. needs to get “much tougher on street crime.” One suspect is in custody after an hours-long standoff and shootout that left the six officers wounded and another hurt in a related vehicle crash. The alleged gunman surrendered a little before midnight.

“The Philadelphia shooter should never have been allowed to be on the streets,” Mr. Trump tweeted from his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Thursday morning. “He had a long and very dangerous criminal record. Looked like he was having a good time after his capture, and after wounding so many police. Long sentence – must get much tougher on street crime!”

CBS News has also learned the suspect has a long criminal history. CBS Philadelphia reports the man’s lawyer says the suspect is 36-year-old Maurice Hill, but police have yet to release a name.

Mr. Trump is often particularly vocal about crimes committed against police officers, and he has made a point to let the law enforcement community know he stands with them.

“You do not hear it nearly enough, but Americans across this country love you, they support you, they respect you — more than you would ever know; more than you would, frankly, ever think even possible. They have great respect for law enforcement and the job you do,” the president said at the 38th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service in May.

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