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Tupelo, Miss. (WCBI) – Tupelo police want to help fellow officer Joseph Maher, after he was injured in a shootout with a bank robber.

A number of co-workers are volunteering to donate their unused sick leave to Maher.

The 27 year-old is out of the hospital, but Police Chief Bart Aguirre believes he doesn’t have enough sick leave to recover from his wound.

The department doesn’t want Maher to lose any pay. Tupelo City Councilmen are expected to consider the request Tuesday night.

A fundraiser for Maher and fatally wounded officer Gale Stauffer’s family was held at Atlanta Bread on Monday evening.



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    WOW. An officer gets shot in the line of duty and has to worry about getting paid. That is sad. I understand sick leave, but this seems more like workmans comp. NO WONDERS ITS SO HARD TO FIND GOOD LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS.

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