Twins who got in to 5 Ivy League schools make their choice

At 7 a.m. on March 26 — also known as Ivy Day — high school seniors Jessica and Nicole Alexander woke up to check their email. Each twin got an email from Harvard. And Princeton. And Yale, Dartmouth and the University of Pennsylvania. All of them were acceptance letters. 

On May 1, they finally decided which of these prestigious schools they’ll attend. 

“The moment we opened the acceptance notifications with our families and seeing the joy on our parents’ faces was everything,” the twins said in a statement from Clifton Public Schools in New Jersey. The Alexander sisters will be the first generation of their family to attend college, and they credit their parents for pushing them to get there.

The sisters are on student council, they sing, volunteer and each are student-athletes, but they didn’t do any of those things with the idea of “putting it on a college application,” the statement reads. 

Jessica, who plans to major in political science, said she was surprised they were accepted to five Ivy League universities. Nicole, however, wasn’t shocked. “I’ve often thought, well, we’ve put in the time, the hard work, and we have the grades. I don’t see why we can’t get in,” Nicole said.

Clifton Public Schools Superintendent Danny Robertozzi agreed. “I am not surprised at all that these fine young women were accepted to such prestigious schools. They have brought a sense of camaraderie, compassion, and dedication to Clifton, and I know they’ll do the same at the university that they choose,” he said.

The Alexander sisters narrowed it down to two choices. By the time the May 1 deadline came around, the twins had made their decision. 

Nicole and Jessica have both committed to Harvard, a rep for Clifton Public Schools told CBS News. 

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