Vice President Kamala Harris visits Mississippi

GREENVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Keeping small businesses alive…. it’s a challenge across the country.

One place that knows that challenge too well is the Mississippi Delta.

Vice President Kamala Harris makes a stop in Greenville today, with one goal in mind -investing in Small Businesses and Communities.

One by one, businesses in Greenville appear to be vanishing…

If you travel west down Hwy 82, you’ll see abandoned lots, boarded-up windows, and marques that no longer hold store labels.

Joycee’s Fabrics and Sewing Center sits on the corner of 9th Street…a one-stop shop for all.

Business owner Joycee Johnson got a special customer Friday afternoon…

” Hello, I’m so happy to meet to be a Joycee’s. I’ve been reading about you and learning about you. And I’m so happy to meet you in person,” said Vice President Kamala Harris.

Vice President Kamala Harris is traveling the country to highlight the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to supporting America’s small businesses.

The VP believes this is the starting point to building a better and prosperous future for entrepreneurs, especially for small businesses in Mississippi.

” You perform a great community service,” said Vice President Kamala Harris.

” I feel I am now. Before, I was just into making dresses but now I do a variety,” said Johnson.

” I always believe that people like Ms.Johnson are business leaders and civic leaders and community leaders,” said Vice President Kamala Harris.

Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons and Congressman Bennie Thompson spoke with Vice President Harris and community members about the importance of having access to money to launch a businesses and reliable resources to grow.

” Your supporting small, you’re supporting small businesses are supporting small families when you help us we can help them. We can bring more small businesses, I like the fact they want to help,” said Brooklyn McAdams, owner of 9.15 Floral Designs and Gifts.

McAdams said her business faced challenges during the pandemic, like keeping customers coming through the door.

She hopes more economic opportunities will grow over the years.

” Downtown is busy, but people come in everyday and say we never knew you were here. With all the businesses bought we can get a lot of stuff downtown,” said McAdams.

“They’re not looking for what’s sitting what in your stores right now, that’s the big thing,” said McAdams.

It’s about the opportunity to thrive in the Mississippi Delta or anywhere in the state.

Vice President Harris announced the expansion of the U.S Small Business Administration’s pilot program targeting access to capital for underserved entrepreneurs.

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