Video: Aftermath Of Eupora High Fire

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EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI) —   Since the destructive fire at Eupora High School that destroyed more than two dozen classrooms, there has been a mad dash by school officials and even community volunteers, to make ready the Webster County School District Central Office to receive hundreds of students upon their return.

“The Old Weir High School gave us about 150 to 250 desks. East Webster High School gave us some desks that they had used before they moved into their new building. So we brought in around 250 to 275 desks,” said Laci Knight, Eupora High Principal.

“We are trying to get the building that’s behind us in working condition to house our students that were displaced from the fire,” said Jack Trelor, WCSD Superintendent.

“We had to do a lot of fixing, light fixtures and things like that in this building because you know its been a good many years since they’ve had students actually in this building,” said Knight.

On Monday volunteer carpenters, students, and faculty could be seen pitching in lending a hand to spruce up what used to be the Old Eupora High School.

“But I will say this, its certainly has brought out the best in the community from both sides of our county. And the people have just done a fantastic job, they really have stepped up to the plate,” said Trelor.

It is believed that the cause of the fire may have been electrical in nature. No official word on just when the building will be ready or when students will be returning to campus.

“Its definitely going to be a trying time you know when the students get back you know. But we are just kind of approach it like you know sometimes bad things happen to good people and we’re going to make the best out of it,” said Knight.

The fire is being considered another setback. School officials had to deal with that tornado a few years ago. And, now in the midst of it all they are facing academic testing.

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