Video: Attorney General’s Office Issues Strict Voter ID Rules For Poll Workers

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NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — With Tuesday’s primary election approaching, the attorney general’s office says poll workers must check everyone’s ID before they vote.

It’s left up to the poll manager to ask each voter as they approach the building on the inside to vote. They need to see their ID in order to vote. Whether they know the person, they still have to ask to see the voter’s ID,” said Freda Phillips, Noxubee County Circuit Clerk.

If a poll manager does not ask for identification, it’ll be considered “Corrupt Conduct.” Penalties include everything from fines to jail.

“It’s a state law and it’s required by the Secretary of State’s office. On this election that will be held June 3rd, there will be observers there from the Secretary of State’s office to observe our poll workers and poll managers to make sure they continue the law of voter ID,” Phillips.

In small towns, like Macon, Myra Denton knows she’ll come across friends on election day, but the law is the law.

“I’m just following the rules. Some people may have difficulty with it, but me personally, I won’t. I have been telling people, even my own children to make sure they have their voters ID with them,” said Denton.

If a voter doesn’t have a photo ID, they can vote using an affidavit ballot.

“They are making sure people are registered and they’re making sure each citizen shows their ID and that’s the proper way of knowing they are the person walking in, giving their name to vote on that particular election,” said Phillips.

Photo ID is free. Voters can apply at their county’s circuit clerk’s office and should receive an ID within 5 days.

If the ID does not come in time, voters can receive a temporary ID on the day of the election.

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