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Mississippi (WCBI)–Now that the weather is cooperating, folks are out and about in their vegetable gardens.

R. H. Brown who has a green thumb is roaming North Mississippi in search of various fruit and vegetable gardens that are successful.

If there is one thing Aretha Macon knows, is how to grow beautiful mouth watering cabbages.

Although she can not pinpoint just how she is so successful, for the last four years has made attempts at trying to figure it all out.

“I don’t know. They just grow that big. Well, I’m mostly every day with them so I say something,” said Macon.

This year’s cabbages are just one of her success stories, when you feast your eyes on her onions, and lettuce planted in February that are already being harvested in May, you will agree her green veggies are a head of the rest.

“I’ve got onions,sweet potatoes, ice potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, rutabagas, tomatoes, corn, snap bean,” said Macon.

We stop short of calling it a perfect garden.

Macon’s watermelons and okra plants seem to be struggling for survival this year.

“They like hot weather so that’s why. They like hot. Its been cool and so they like, when its hot they grow better in hot weather,” added Macon.

Lots of sunshine and using good seeds are key to any good garden, and this gardener only supports and deals with her local coop.

“Well the ones in the packs you only get so many. And the coop you buy them like by the scoop. So if you want to plant more its cheaper to buy them from the coop. I’ll put it that way, cheaper than the pack,” said Macon.

If you think you have an impressive garden and don’t mind boasting a little.

Contact R. H. Brown with the green thumb at brownrh@wcbi.com.

He just might  visit your garden.

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