Video: Cleanup Crews Hard at Work in Aliceville

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ALICEVILLE, Ala. (WCBI)- Hazmat crews and county officials are cleaning up after a 90-car train derailed late Thursday night.

Elinor Blakney says she is still in shock, after 25 cars on a train carrying crude oil burst into flames.

“I went on the back porch and the whole back sky was red. I mean it just lit up the whole sky and I had my cell phone but I didn’t have sense enough to get the thing out and take a picture,” says Elinor Blakney.

Hazmat crews and county officials are on scene trying to assess and cleanup the site. I spoke with one railroad personal who says the cleanup may take days.

“We hope within 48 to 72 hours we’ll have the equipment re-railed and then we will be another 3 or 4 days restoring our tractor service,” says Bill Jasper.

Even though the accident left a big mess, railroad officials say it will not affect future routes.

“We are working with our class one railroad partners to re-route traffic around this location and that’s currently in place we keep the freight moving,” says Jasper.

They say environmental teams are making sure the community stays safe.

“We’re monitoring the air continuously around the clock to be sure there is no dangerous fumes or anything like that. Very thankful for the community for understanding and can assure you we are taking every step that we can safe guard what we’re doing,” says Jasper.

Equipment and supplies from surrounding contractors are being brought in to help with the cleanup.

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