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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Congressman Alan Nunnelee discussed national, and even international issues, this afternoon, at the Lion Hill Club in Columbus. Naturally, the subject of Syria came up.

“If I had to vote today, I would vote NO and I’m going to be watching to see if they can show where there’s a threat to the United States. What’s happened in Syria is horrific but we cannot go and deal with every bad actor throughout the globe and that’s my concern,” says Congressman Alan Nunnelee of District One.

On Saturday, President Obama announced that he would give Congress the opportunity to vote on the United States joining the U-N effort to strike Syria for using chemical weapons on its own citizens. President Obama has already started meeting with members of Congress.

Members of the Columbus Rotary Club also expressed their own thoughts about striking Syria.

“My concern would be the unintended consequences to the United States and to the Middle East once we start lobbing Tomahawks into Syria. What will the Iraeslis do? What do the Iraqis do? What does Turkey do? What does Iran do?” says Nick Ardillo of the Columbus Rotary Club.

Earl Walker, also a  Columbus Rotary Club member, says he just wants the U.S. to worry about itself.

“We cannot take care of all the world problems, we just have to focus kind of on those that are threats to the United States,” says Walker.

Congressman Nunnelee also discussed the IRS tax scandal, defunding Obama Care, and the debt ceiling. Nunnelee says these are tough issues that won’t be solved easily, but he says he’s ready to get to get the job done.

It’s also being reported that nearly 2 million Syrians have left the country, seeking refuge in nearby countries.

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