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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Deputies are searching for a man they say brutally assaulted a Lowndes County school bus driver.

Lowndes County Sheriff Mike Arledge tells WCBI 21-year-old Tyquan Lucious assaulted the bus driver as he was making his last stop in Artesia Friday afternoon.

Arledge says a few children exited the back of the bus as it was happening.

Friends of the victim say the bus driver has two fractured jaws, a broken nose, and busted eye.

Investigators say they’re still looking for Lucious, who left the scene.

They plan to charge him with aggravated assault on a school bus driver.

If you’ve seen Lucious, contact the Lowndes County sheriff’s department.

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  • Tim

    I say do the same thing to the low life scum bag as what he did to the bus driver!!!!!!

  • Ed Smith

    My question why did he assault the bus dtiver. I had problems with a bus driver once and I was really really upset when the school failed to do their job. Of course upset or not I didn’t beat the driver half to death I just pulled my child off the bus and madr arragments to get her to school. The driver I had issues with needed his to be fired and the school didn’t do a thing to him.
    The people that run the bus shop and the schools let alot of people down. The driver was unsafe and racist as hell my child was white and a minority on the bus and at school, the driver yelled, and I had this recorded calling my child a dumbass little cracker . A few weeks after pullinh my child off the bus the driver ran a stop sign and hit someone broad side seriously injuring the people in the car he hit plus several kids on the bus and tested positive for marijuana amd was supended but not fired!
    All drivers and teachers should be drug tested I bet over half would fail but if your dark enough you can do whatever you want in the state of Mississippi huh.

  • Lula

    It’s sickening

  • Moo-moo

    The bus driver is an awesome man. I’ve known him my whole life
    He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s just an amazing, outstanding citizen.

    The thug who did this is the example of a cowardly bully.
    What you runnin for. You were man enough, big shot caller, big pappa,
    Thuggish, etc… To jump your narrow arse upon that bus and beat mr —-

    Tryna fight somebody else battle. Iam sure it’s more involved.

    My question–none tried to stop it???

    This is typical in that area.

  • Ed Smith

    If you have a problem you let the law handle it you don’t attack someone driving a bus full of kids that shows what a weak punk you are.

  • A Student

    The bus driver caused this upon himself none of yall was there so you opinions doesn’t matter if you want to know what really happened how about asking some of the students who was on the bus before you start puttin labels on people ignorant mf

  • A Student

    That bus driver had physically and verbally assaulted students prior to this. Now my acknowledgement of the assault to him is not important cause i wasn’t there but my condolences does go out to his family but to you all who wasn’t there and doesn’t know the whole story STOP with your judgemental slurs and slanders. Whoever did this is wrong but you got to ask the questions ; What caused this? ,What happened prior to this?, and Why isn’t the whole story allowed to the public. I am one of those students who was verbally attacked and threatened by that bus driver that day. I reported my problems and issues to the school and they said they will take care of it but nothing happened, so i will take matter in my own hands by writing and telling everybody what really happened prior to his attacking until justice is served for all parties.

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