Video: Devastating Weir Tornado – Four Years Later

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WEIR, Miss. (WCBI) — Four years ago, Choctaw County was hit by a powerful tornado. The Weir community was left devastated and mourning the loss of five lives.

“I got a call and heard that everything was destroyed,” says Vickie Hubbard, one of the tornado victims.

Hubbard is just one of many in Weir who lost their homes in the 2010 tornado. Three children and two adults lost their lives on that April afternoon. Hubbard says though the devastation of the twister won’t be forgotten, some good came after the storm.

“If the storm hadn’t of come through, I would not have been able to get this brand new trailer and I can say now that it’s paid for and I thank God,” says Hubbard.

Millspring Missionary Baptist Church held a ceremony to honor those who were killed and to celebrate new beginnings. Valarie Lampkin’s 3-month old daughter was one of those killed during the tornado.

“When storms come I kind of get a little distraught and a little scared at times but then I’m always reminded that God brought me out of the storm back in 2010. He can do it again,” says Lampkin.

Lampkin has since had another child and says she is grateful for her life today. Millspring Missionary Baptist Church was also destroyed by the tornado but has since been rebuilt.

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