Video: Honoring Veterans In Louisville And Starkville

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Old Glory waved in the breeze in Louisville today[Monday]. The flags were erected on light poles along the highway 82 Bypass there. Louisville Lions Club partnered with the city and MDOT in displaying 60 American flags honoring the life of a veteran.”

In salute of our nations veterans, The Louisville High School Marching Band was on hand, uniformed ROTC Cadets were in formation, and there was even an aerial flyover of the Meridian L-17 Formation Team.

“My father served, he was in World War Two and The Philippines, South Pacific. And they really gave a lot of themselves. Like they said earlier in the speech some of them gave their lives. So we owe a lot to all of them. We’re just proud to be a part of this,” said Al Porter, Louisville Businessman.

“Oh we’re just so thankful for them. They served our country and they are protecting us, giving us the freedoms we have today,” said Rita Donald, Louisville.

Some 30 minutes away a new granite monument is unveiled at the Oktibbeha County Courthouse. There was a short ceremony honoring that area’s veterans both living and dead. Two new names were added to the list of Oktibbeha County War dead. Army Corporal Robert “Taylor” McDavid and Army Sergeant Courtland A. Kennard. Both gave their lives during The War On Terror in Iraq.

“The joy I feel overcomes the sadness so much. Its just a joy to see this done. The many people that are on that wall,” said Robert McDavid, Starkville.

Whether they served during peacetime or engaged the enemy on land, air, or at sea, this is a time to pause and say thank you for your service.

“I’m feeling good he was a good man. So I’m happy they were able to put his name on the wall. Because he fought for our country,” said Rakita Robinson, Kennard’s Aunt.

“The ones that are serving now, are all medal of honor winners in my heart. They have gone beyond the call of duty. Their bravery is unbelievable. They are all medal of honor winners in my thoughts,” said McDavid.

Its always a good thing when they call out the names of everyone on the wall of that monument, so they wont be forgotten.


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