Video: House Demolition in Tupelo Clearing the way for Potential Growth

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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — Tupelo’s mayor spent a few minutes in an excavator, tearing down a blighted home in the city. This 69 year old home in the 18 hundred block of West Jackson Street, was recently condemned by the city. The home was in disrepair and has been vacant for years until the owners agreed to let the city tear it down. After a quick lesson, Mayor Jason Shelton got behind the controls of the excavator and began the demolition process. It is another step in the ongoing effort to improve the city.

“It’s an effort that quite literally you have to go house by house and remove some of the blight from the city and keep working towards the revitalization of the city as a whole,” said Mayor Shelton.

The city did not purchase the house. The lot is for sale and there have been several new houses built in the area in recent months.

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