Video: Keeping The Courtrooms Safe

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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) — We often think of dangerous places as cities with the highest crime rates but today, even a courtroom poses a threat.
Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Marc Miley has been in law enforcement for more than 20 years.

He’s seen his fair share of courtrooms turn dangerous.

“It’ll start in the courtroom and lead into the hallways. I’ve seen furniture turned over, pictures ripped off the wall,” said Deputy Miley.

Tensions and emotions often run high, which is why Miley says it’s important to increase security.

“There’s always going to be some bad blood. So our number one job is to protect the courts, protect families on both sides, protect the person going to trial and anybody in or around the court-house,” said Miley.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott says because of an increasing number of people that go to criminal trials, a new security system is being installed.

“We’re adding a camera system into the courthouse so we can monitor it at all times to see what’s going on outside the courthouse, as well as on the inside,” said Sheriff Scott.

Scott says with a large number of people at a public place, extra protection is needed and that’s why armed deputies are always on hand.

“Right now at our courthouse, as far as the backdoor, we funnel everybody in the front door. They go through two different screening machines before they even get to the courtroom. We keep armed deputies in the lobby, we have them upstairs,” said Sheriff Scott.

As with any situation deputies may face on the streets, they always want to be prepared to keep everyone safe.

“Not that we say something is going to happen but you always have to work towards what we know could happen,” added Scott.

Within the next month, Clay County will begin the process for installing the new camera system.

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