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TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI)– Lee County Sheriff’s investigators break up a burglary ring and recover thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise.TV’s, electronics, lawn tools and even 4-wheelers are just some of the items deputies say were stolen from Lee county homes.The suspects, 53-year-old Perry Edwards, his daughter 32-year-old Stephanie Dykes, and her boyfriend 29-year-old Isiah Edger, were all arrested in connection to the string of recent burglaries.

“We got a break this past weekend when the thief decided to break into a home that was occupied and under surveillance. Once the thief left that particular area we were contacted and investigators got on the scene, was able to get a very good description, as well as video of action that took place on the property. Put that together, was able to come up with a name,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

So far, the sheriff’s department has recovered thousands of dollars worth of stolen property that will be given back to the homeowners. Sheriff Johnson says the items taken by the suspects were sold and traded to finance a methamphetamine habit.

“ Talking to them its about a $300 a day habit per person that they were having to support and without any type of income, they were taking other people’s property and converting it to this,” Sheriff Johnson said.

Charges for the three suspects range from grand larceny, to burglary, to possession of stolen property and narcotics possession.

“It sends a message of how bad the problem is when drugs are involved, that we are all a victim of it,” he said.

The three suspects are being held in the Lee county jail. And Sheriff Jim Johnson says that as the investigation continues, more arrests and charges will be possible in the case.

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