Video: Lowndes County School Board Members Discuss Future Plans For West Lowndes County Schools

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — For months the Lowndes County School Board has been debating what to do with schools in the Western part of the county. This morning, more discussions were held on the changes.

Barley slowing down for the Christmas break, Lowndes County School Board members are trying to tackle the issue of whether to rebuild or consolidate West Lowndes Schools.

“We’re trying to review the needs that we have in the county so far as building projects and we were looking at a proposal of a new building project at West Lowndes Middle School,” says Lynn Wright.

The project would cost $10.3 million to improve bus pick-up and drop-off lanes, along with expanding the gym.

“I do not feel like it would be cost effective cause of the numbers. Numbers of students and the money. We need to put them in an environment that’s most conducive for learning that we can and energy efficient environment and one that we can afford to operate,” says Wright.

Enrollment has continued to drop the past 10 years. Despite the large costs and different opinions, school leaders want to do what is right for the children.

“When the enrollment drops so low and your having to staff with a cafeteria, with a maintenance crew, with administrative staff, with teacher and the ratio student to teach ratio becomes so small it actually cuts down on competitiveness with students in the classroom too,” says Wright.

Parents who attended the meeting did not want to talk on camera. But say they are concerned about the future of the schools and their children’s academic future.

No agreement was reached Thursday morning. However, the school board plans to make a decision at its upcoming meeting in January.

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