Video: Lowndes County Supervisors Must Communicate More

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COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI)–A regular meeting of the Lowdnes County Supervisors is held at the Lowndes County Courthouse Monday.

Lowndes County supervisors have put together major economic deals while meeting in their board room having resulted in a lot of jobs coming our way, but District 5 Supervisors Leroy Brooks and District 4 Supervisor Jeff Smith suggests there is some distance or gap between their colleagues.

“As long as we are not violating any of our open meeting laws which I realize there can be a majority involved in those discussions. But there is nothing to say that you and I can’t go sit down and drink a cup of coffee an discuss some of the things that are important to our constituents and to the discussion we have to render in Lowndes County,” said Jeff Smith/Lowndes County Supervisor.

And although there is the often times three/two vote, Board resident Harry Sanders says race has nothing to do with it.

“Its actually three republicans against three democrats. Or its three conservatives against two liberals. Or it could be philosophical differences instead of racial differences,” said Harry Sanders/President -Lowndes County Sups.

There was a brief moment of laughter and comradely during Mondays meeting, but such niceness can turn bitter at any moment.

“We can talk about it whether we agree or disagree. We can talk about it,” said Smith.

“You know they come to the board all the time with stuff to amend the agenda without any discussion with anybody else,” said Harry Sanders.

Both sides seem to be talking but, apparently someone may not want to listen.

“I talked to you about this position before and the same thing, thats the reason I don’t talk to you sometime,” said Leroy Brooks.

“Time will resolve this, we got a good board. We got people that are passionate about serving,” said Jeff Smith.

Lowndes County supervisors did move a step closer to adding the IT and EMA positions.

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