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STARKVILLE, Miss. – (WCBI) A Starkville High class scores high enough to bring back home a trophy in horticulture competition. Time spent in a greenhouse at Millsaps VoTech Center has paid off for some FFA  Agricultural students who placed well on the state level in April.

For them the honor is as beautiful as the flowers they’ve grown and the trophy they possess.

“I placed high individual from our team this year. And we are just so excited to be able to do that getting ready and preparing and learning scientific names of the plants we have to learn. And doing everything we can to be the best that we can do,” said Britton Walker, Horticulture student.

“We make up for each others weaknesses really well. We compliment each other. it’s the best thing about being on a team,” said Mary Bess Nicholson, Horticulture student.

Having placed high in competition in Nursery landscape April 5th is for the team just a good start, the bar is now raised and they must battle other youngsters on the national level.

“They’ll have to do landscape drawings, they’ll have to interpret landscape math questions. They’ll have to do job interviews,  they’ll have to pretend they are selling items. They’ll have to work on landscape equipment like chainsaws and weed eaters and that type of thing,” said Rusty Coats, Instructor.

“It is difficult to learn. We have to learn several plants. Geraniums, begonias, viccas. We have to tell you know how to take care of the plants and you know how to just; Its a difficult, but once you learn it,  its just like in you and we have faith in each other that we’ll be able to do it and everything will go well,” said Myron Barnes, Horticulture Student.

Student Britton Walker who excelled last year in floral design is this year’s top scorer.

Walker and her teammates are hoping to make  an impressive showing, just as impressive as the labor of their hands.

“Its been a great honor, I just have to work really hard at it and keep it up and know that there are people out there trying to get to me because I did do as well as I did,” said Walker.

“And if someone doesn’t know something the other person will. So it helps us get a really good score overall as a team,” said Nicholson.

Beautiful plants in that greenhouse is on sale at Millsaps Vo Tech Center until Mother’s Day.



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