Video: MUW Alums Return to Campus for Spring Homecoming

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Columbus, Miss. (WCBI) – Lots of excitement going on at the Mississippi University For Women Campus here in Columbus. Homecoming weekend activities are in full swing. And there’s plenty of excitement building. R. H. Brown was on campus today for a stroll along the campus walk with MUW President Doctor Jim Borsig.

For the next two days, MUW alumni are getting a hearty welcome back on campus from faculty, staff and students of the historic university. And if alumni numbers and spirit are any indication, the old girl has a renewed sense of energy and support behind her. As she turns 130, you might even say she’s feeling a little spry.

“We’ve got a high registration number than we did a year ago and so there is activities for everyone from the community to our students, to our graduates. And its just going to be a great weekend.”

“Really excited to see my friends. Been a long time. Thirty years is a long time ago. Its hard to believe its been that long.”

“Working my way around we had to park pretty far away but that was nothing new, when we were here we walked all the time. Very few people had a car. So it kind of feels right.”

On the minds of these returning alums….the status of campus sports.  The next phase in the minds of campus officials is the hiring of a consultant, a process that might be slow, but in their minds necessary to get it right.

“One thing we’ve talked about from the beginning is large squad sports that bring more students to the campus. And also we are going to be co-educational. We’re going to have men and women athletics, because that reflects the make up of the student body today.”

“Homecoming celebration going on into the weekend. Interesting couple I met here on the W campus. A mother and daughter, former students.”
Amanda Barker

“Of course my mother and my great grandmother were both W girls so she is a 4th generation legacy.”

“I’m so excited for my mom to come back this year. Its been a while sense she’s been able to come back so its wonderful to have her here. Its great to have the shared connection.”
“My mom was a Fant Girl so we are looking forward to those being back open in the future.”

Because of an ongoing construction and beautification project, Alums touring the MUW Campus seem pleased with their old….new campus.

“The second phase of our library project will begin later this month, or next month. And we also have work planned on our residence halls to upgrade the facilities for students. We’ve also spent lot of time and energy this year on improvements to the physical appearance of the campus.”

“Everything looks spruced up very pretty very alive. We are hoping the sun will come out so it will really shine.”

R. H. Brown WCBI News, Columbus.
Other Homecoming activities include a theatrical performance, Saturday Evening Reunion Dinner, 50th years Foundation Board Celebration, and a convocation. And it’s not just for graduates…university leaders say the community is welcome to join in.

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