Video: MUW Hosts ‘Earth Day’ Celebration

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – April 22 is Earth Day and millions recognize it all over the world to raise awareness about sustainable living and improving the environment. MUW held its own celebration Tuesday on campus.

The perennial garden near the Hogarth Dining Center is being converted to an ecologically-sound butterfly garden. They hope the garden will attract butterfly species native to this region. About 50 students assisted with activities, including a recyclables competition and calculating your ecological footprint. Jonathan Jensen is a biology major and says the world simply has to build on what we already know to protect the environment.

“We’ve had 40 years, approximately, of Earth Day and we’ve learned a lot in that 40 years. Hopefully, the learning curve will continue. Every year we’ll add a little bit more to the knowledge pool. Every year we’ll learn a little bit more and every year we’ll hopefully modify our actions to comply with the information,” says Jensen.

By the end of 2015, the State Institutions of Higher Learning hopes to reduce the energy use of public universities by 30 percent. The “W” has met this goal and hopes to exceed it.

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