Video: MUW Presents Branding Results

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Results are in from a research session started in September.

Mississippi University for Women faculty, staff, students, and community members are selecting a unique selling point for the institution of higher learning.

Students and university officials are celebrating after working with a Florida-based idgroup to maintain a competitive edge.

On the campus of a Columbus university, the group given the task of coming up with an appealing marketable brand name gave an impressive multi-media showing Monday.

“I was actually kind of nervous before I got here because I’m a graph design major, so its kind of being a little bit critical. But I feel much better after listening to the presentation,” said Natalie Thomas, MUW Student.

“This reflects what the 180 or so voices that were involved in the campus dialogue brought to the surface about who we are as a university,” said Jim Borsig, MUW President.

The group helping to recast the image, making the Columbus learning institution competitive with others in the area and the country.

What it boils down to is finding out what makes the “W” special.

“I think it gave everyone a really good understanding as to what sets our college apart from everyone else. And how we can utilize that,” said Blaine Garrard, MUW Student.

The one of a kind selling points are designed to attract potential students to the North Mississippi school campus.

Core values, strengths, and personality, should woo those students who may be considering other places.

“We started off with that in mind. Marketing who we are and I think that sometimes we shorten it to a public university that is also a private university feel, is what we think a lot os students on our campus are looking for. A lot of work went into this,” added Dr. Borsig.

“I thought this was so inspiring, I’m about to graduate, so just to know that our university is in good hands is just absolutely amazing to me,” said Thomas.

Now that the feedback is in from the brain storming sessions, the “W” will now work at crafting a strategic marketing and communications plan based on their unique brand messaging.

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