Video: Nearly Half of College Students Use Drugs and Alcohol

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A new study says that nearly half of all college students binge drink or use prescription drugs.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 23 million Americans age 12 and over use illicit drugs. Marijuana is the most popular drug of choice but meth, prescription drugs and hallucinogens are also on the rise. Narcotics detectives in Oktibbeha County say small towns are no longer exempt from any type of drugs. These deputies work undercover and did not want to be identified.

“Lysergic Acid which is typically LSD. Years ago, you normally found that in bigger areas, larger cities but it’s here. It’s everywhere,” says the detective.

Dozens of students die from drug and alcohol use in college towns or on campuses each year. Detectives say parents and students have to talk about drug abuse to prevent it.

“High school, junior high, before they go to college. Inform them, teach them. Get them in some sort of classes. Let them know what the drugs can do to their future, to their bodies, to their brains, especially,” says the detective.

The website Drug Watch says nearly 25 percent of college students who drink alcohol and use drugs develop a substance abuse problem, that’s three times the rate of the general population.

Signs someone may need help may include rapid mood swings, change in sleeping habits, behavioral changes, isolation from friends, and noticeable weight loss.

If you know a college student who needs help with substance abuse, counseling services are available on most college campuses.

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