VIDEO: Oktibbeha County Lake Levee In Need Of Major Repairs

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OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A popular Oktibbeha County attraction is in need of some major repairs that could dampen operations.

Wear and tear over the last 50 years has affected the levee at the Oktibbeha County Lake and county leaders worry it might not be safe for residents.

One small part that needs to be fixed immediately will cost around $2 million dollars, but county leaders fear a full levee rebuild is necessary, which could take years.

The Levee at the Oktibbeha County Lake was built in 1964.

Over the years, its condition has weakened.

“There’s been some corrosion and deterioration that has occurred with this levee, which has caused it to be unsafe,” said District Three Supervisor Marvell Howard.

Lowering the water in the lake is underway, which will allow engineers to see just how many repairs are needed.

Three pipes were recently installed that will help speed the process of lowering the water.

Howard says once the inspection is finished, they will know how much the total project will cost.

“Once we get the water level down, and we’re able to make a thorough inspection, then we can come in with some real figures as what it will actually take to eliminate this problem long-term,” said Howard.

Oktibbeha County Engineer Clyde Pritchard says more than likely, the levee will have to be rebuilt.

“It’ll be a big project because it’ll take quite a bit of money, by the time we did plan development and lent the contract and actually rebuilt the dam, you would be talking about something that spans probably 2 to 3 years,” said Pritchard.

The operations of the Wet ‘N’ Wild Water park could be affected if the lake has to be drained for repairs.

Supervisor Howard says their main concern is safety for residents.

“We’re doing all we can as a board and safety of our citizens is our number one concern, and that will always be and that’s what we’re trying to do now, keep them safe,” said Howard.

The board is working on creating an emergency plan for residents who live near the levee.

They are asking for updated contact information in case of emergencies.

Residents are asked to contact the board of supervisors if they live in the area.


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