VIDEO: The Road To Rebranding Your Business


COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI)- Businesses are always wanting to attract more people and often go through rebranding stages.

However, giving your business a face lift isn’t always easy.

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For 47 years Baucom has been a family run business. Literally, from the day Stephanie Bryant was born.

“In the delivery room my dad was pushing papers at my mother to sign. They started a company and honesty, integrity those are the things that are important. You’ve got to make sure you’re customer knows that,” said Stephanie Bryant.

As things in life change, so did the company. In 2013 Keith and Stephanie Bryant decided to rebrand their business.

“Take the name janitorial out of our name and make it more of a building maintenance thing. Because that’s what we are moving toward,”said Baucom General Manager Keith Bryant.

The Bryant’s quickly found out a lot more goes into rebranding then just creating a logo. They Bryant’s met with a pubic relations consultant and got started on the leg work.

“There is a budget that needs to be established when you do that. Not just coming up with a pretty logo. It’s where’s that logo now going to go. Is it going to go on vehicles? Is it going to go on materials you print out for your customer base? Receipts, business cards, stationary all the things that you use every day,” said Neon Frog Owner, Karen Stanley.

“You have to change everything. Its envelopes. Its business cards. Its letter head. Its checks and essentially everything. Email accounts, all sorts of things and all those things come with a cost,” said Keith Bryant.

Stephanie says rebranding came with it’s challenges. Her advice to other businesses owners thinking about a make over, is to know your business inside out.

“Know who you are. Know what you’re about and what services you offer, because those are the things that we had no idea about. We really try and be a bend over backwards service. We want our customers to call us for anything that they need and you’ve got to know what all you do. You’ve got to know who you’re trying to reach, and why you’re trying to do this and what that means to you, and what you offer them,” said Bryant.

When creating a new brand, Stanley says the best company names and logos have a story behind them.