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WATER VALLEY, Miss. (WCBI) — When it comes to America’s best little food towns and eateries, you will be amazed to know, we have one of the top ten spots in the nation.

In the tiny sleepy town of Water Valley, just 20 minutes away from Oxford, is a grocery store/restaurant… well its an everything place. And B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery is in the national spotlight. Having gained positive reviews from Food & Wine and The Oprah Magazine, people frequenting the establishment are not surprised.

“It makes me very proud and it makes me very proud not only of Mississippi and to be a Mississippian, but of Water Valley, Mississippi,” said Dixie Grimes, Chef.

An establishment that has diversified using new approaches is now getting raved reviews from both far and near.

“We buy Delta Grind Grits which are locally produced here in Water valley. We always try to use anything local is possible whether it be grass-fed beef, the grits, or produce certainly and produce season which will be in the summer. Anything local that we can get, that’s what we strive for,” said Grimes.

And just like days of old, whats called an old man’s table is reserved for a regular group hanging out weekly just to chat over a meal.

“Well, just don’t pan the table because I’d hate for somebody to see me with this group. Ha, ha, ha,” said Lee McMinn, Water Valley.

“I’ve been eating here since they started serving. Food is great, great food. Good fellowship. Just a fun place to be and a good place to eat,” said Snookie Williams, Water Valley.

People stopping by the eatery certainly didn’t need anyone telling them of the unique hang out, but its nice to know, whats in their back yard is shinning so bright… the whole country can see it.

“I hope people will come see us in Water Valley and give Water Valley a chance and give Mississippi a chance. it’s a great state and we are very proud of it,” said Grimes.

B.T.C is partnering with the newly opened Yalobousha Brewery in the town of Water Valley.

B.T.C. Grocery is releasing a cookbook that should be out sometime in March. Another eatery getting raved reviews is a seafood shack called The Crawdad Hole Jr.

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  • Debbi Swearengen Payne

    What a great thing for Water Valley to have! Havent been
    “home” for a bunch of years but Love that the town
    is thriving!!

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