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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – For almost a decade, the Golden Triangle has made waves statewide with its industrial recruitment successes. Now, a proposal by a Starkville developer may signal the long-term strength of the region’s economy.

In a plan for the 489 acres on South Montgomery Street a stone’s throw from Starkville Country Club, developer Saunders Ramsey and his partners envisions 900 residential units mixed with neighborhood commercial. City planners call it a community within a community.

“We feel like the development of this magnitude with the ability to provide a workable community, give people places to go and things to do within a walking distance of their residence would be a lasting legacy for our family and that land,” said Saunders Ramsey, Ramsey Partners.

Landscape architect Christian Preus of Ocean Springs has helped put together what Ramsey says will be the envy of the region. It’s the kind of development a review by outside experts said was needed to meet the growing diversity being created by new jobs and an expanding Mississippi State University.

Phase One of the project includes a 66 bed assisted living facility, 12 independent living cottages, 30-40 single family homes, and a community pool.

“I think our cities and our towns are starting to realize that these design techniques that we are speaking of are successful ones. They encourage people to get out and walk and stay and really be proud of where they are and really encourages a quality of life mentality that people value where they live and they want to live there. Even attracts people to more here and to be a part of something like this,” said Ramsey.

Future phases will bring in more residential units, parks, community retail and other amenities. The idea is to mix elegance with reasonableness. And the development’s name — simply “Adelaide”.

“Things such as a neighborhood park or a pool or a small retail space. Things like a corner market to buy produce or a dentist office. Things that once you can get home you don’t want to leave home and drive back into town to do. You can step off your front porch. You can walk your kids down to the park, or maybe even go pick up a glass, a carton of milk. And then return to your home without even getting in your car,” said Ramsey.

The proposal could get its first review by the Starkville Planning Commission next month. It could be early next year before it gets final approval.

If all goes as planned, the target date for construction is sometime in the middle of 2014.

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