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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Have you ever wanted to showcase your talents and follow your dreams? Well one Starkville resident is doing just that.

Destiny Stone is similar to other girls her age except for the fact she writes and sings her own music. It’s something she’s had a passion for since she was in diapers and now her dream of becoming a performer is coming true as she gets ready to head to The Mississippi School of the Arts.

“I’ll be doing vocal music, but I also get to take an acting class and it’s also a regular high school. I still have to take state tests, still have to take English and math, but I get to have extra musical in art aspect,” says Destiny Stone.

With this new journey, Destiny is excited to be around students her age with similar passions.

“To be around more people who have a passion for music that I get to learn from other people and I can help somebody else maybe figure something out about their selves they never knew they had,” says Stone.

Growing up as a Pastor’s daughter, Destiny was able to display her talents at a young age.

“I think the first time I sang publicly I want to say I was five or six at church so that was my first time singing in front of people,” says Stone.

“She’s been singing almost ever since she started talking. As a pastor, I’ve had an opportunity to watch her sing in church and see her grow and just having conversations between father and daughter. I know that it’s one of her dreams to be a performer and use her God given gift of singing and playing be a blessing to the world so I’m exited about it,” says Pastor Joseph Stone.

Joseph Stone, a pastor at Second Baptist church in Starkville is excited to see his daughter go after her dreams.

“I believe that being at the Mississippi School of the Arts, it will help her hone her gifts and she wants to be a performer so what better place to be than at a school that specializes in helping students hone their gifts and talents,” says Pastor Stone.

Above all else, Destiny hopes her faith and passion for music will impact others.

“More than anything, I want people to be inspired and be touched and be ministered to when they come,” says Stone.

Destiny will be holding a special concert at Second Baptist Church in Starkville on Friday July 12th. The event is open to the public.

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