Video: Student Athlete of the Week: Conner Mckay, Baldwyn HS Boys Basketball


BALDWYN, Miss.  (WCBI) — As a Freshman, Conner Mckay was part of the Baldwyn team that won a state title. They finished second last year and they are off to another hot start this year. Averaging in double digits in points, Mckay’s biggest asset may be his ability to get it done at crunch time.

“He will have his nights where he will be off, but his free throw games seems to always come in play and be a factor for us,” said Chet Barber.

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“He’s hard working and he’s one of the best shooters around honestly,” said Romaro Crump.

“He’s one of the truest point guards that I’ve ever seen. He’s a coach on and off the floor. He’s a winner and I’ll just say that. There’s never been a big game that he hasn’t hit a big shot and I know at some point that may run out, but I just don’t see that happening,” said Raymond Craven.

Conner’s grandfather, Larry Mckay played for Baldwyn and won a state title and the state grand slam event his junior year in 1964. He later coached the team to a state title. His dad, Jason Mckay is the District’s Superintendent. He won back-to-back state crowns his sophomore and junior seasons at Baldwyn and coached the team to a title two years ago. Craven is in his first year and has every starter back from last-year’s state runner up. The school’s tradition is plenty of motivation.

“I think that last game last year helped us in plenty of different ways. It let us know what we need to work on this year and get better at things to get us back down there,” said Conner Mckay.

“The dude is a competitor. He loves the game of basketball in every way and he just wants to win just as bad as the whole team does,” said Barber.

Conner is no slacker in the classroom either. His top subject is math and his precise approach is much like the one he brings to the court.

“I like the numbers and I like just figuring stuff out and there is not a multiple choice answer in math. You got to be right,” said Mckay.

Conner also plays second base on Baldwyn’s baseball team. For now, he says he really hasn’t thought about his future, but he does know the Bearcats are back in action Saturday for a big road game against the New Albany Bulldogs.