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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The MSU Summer Scholars Onstage Camp is back for another crowd pleasing production. This is the 32nd year for the camp.

Performing an array of hits from Metallica’s “Puppet Master” to Taco’s “Puttin’ On The Ritz”, this three week long camp brings together gifted and talented students in grades seventh to twelfth, from Mississippi and beyond, to write, produce and star in a musical comedy. Assistant camp director Joe Evans hopes the campers will learn more than just how to act and sing.

“Theatre is our methodology and not necessarily our end aim. We’re trying to build better young people and more confident young people and more socially interactive young people. Theatre is sort of the methodology through which we do that, but we are really about helping these kids be better at whatever it is they want to do.”, says Joe.

For four year Summer Scholars veteran Abby Alford, the onstage camp will give her the necessary tools to pursue of her dream of becoming a lawyer.

“Being in summer scholars will really help me with that. It really helps you talk to other people and not be as shy and reserved.”, she says.

Matthew Myles, who is an onstage junior counselor, says it helps to eliminate that fear that a lot of people of being in front of a camera or being in front of other people. and it shows a new form of confidence.

“Partlynormal Activity” is the name of the play and it tells the story of an old Boston hotel named The Underwood that is haunted by ghosts, murder and mayhem. The music from the production will showcase a wide range of styles from the 1920’s to the contemporary hits of today. All the campers would agree that the mayhem it takes to put together this masterful production is well worth it.

“It’s awesome! You learn so much, you meet so many new people, you won’t regret it.”, says Matthew.

“Partlynormal Activity” will be performed at MSU’s McCommus Hall on July 25th at 7pm and July 26th at 1pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

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