Video: Tax Return Fraud Returns in 2015

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — At least 16,000 tax returns are suspected of fraud in the state of Alabama.

With possible tax fraud so close to home, we find out where Mississippi stands during this tax season.

States like Utah, Alabama and Minnesota are seeing high numbers in tax return fraud with tax season just starting.

So what can Mississippi residents expect for their state?

Kathy Waterbury from the Mississippi Department of Revenue says you too can be a victim.
“We have seen some fraudulent tax returns filed. We are not attributing those directly to any software provider. Mississippi sees fraudulent returns as a result to identify theft every year,” says Kathy Waterbury.

Every year, Mississippi continues to find ways to fight fraud.

Thanks to updated technology, Waterbury says they can detect fraud closely.

“We have implemented a number of fraud detection system that helps us monitor any type of suspicious activity,” says Waterbury.

If your name is detected, the department will send out a letter asking to contact their office.

After a questionnaire, the state will then figure out if you’re the victim or the suspect.

One expert who spoke on the CBS “This Morning” show, says staying updated is a way to not become a victim.
“People need to constantly check their credit reports. They got to be aware and alert to unusual activity on their computer. Unfortunately when someone finds out it’s often times too late,” says Shawn Henry.

Mississippi residents can also check to see if their taxes have been filed under their name by clicking on the “TAP” button on the Mississippi Department for Revenue website.

No specific number for Mississippi tax fraud has been determined, but tax fraud has not increased from previous years.


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