Video: Technology In Action

MISSISSIPPI STATE, Miss. (WCBI) – Some Mississippi State students have an opportunity to meet with what could be a future co-worker.

Representatives from C-Spire were on campus today, November 16, along with a new member of the team, Pepper the Robot.

The team was showcasing the impact digital technology is having in the workplace, and the advances that may be on the horizon.

Pepper is more than just a novelty. It represents some of the latest technology in action.

“It helps from a interactive standpoint. It can show products to the customer. Has a tablet built in, so if you ask Pepper a question, maybe a particular phone in our example, Pepper could pull up product demos, videos, specs. Things like that to help guide the rep, or just help the customers self serve,” says V.P. of I.T. Development at C-Spire, Brad Carpenter.

And in case you were wondering why the name “Pepper”?

It’s because the new service is designed to “spice” up your life.

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