VIDEO: Thanksgiving Preparations Taking Place in Houlka

HOULKA, Miss. (WCBI) – The town of Houlka wants to make sure everyone has a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

The Houlka Community Center was buzzing with activity.

Volunteers from Houlka Helping Hands got there early to prepare the succulent meal. Scott Buchanan is the organization’s president.

“Alot of people are less fortunate than what we are so in order to help one another this is what we do,” said Buchanan. “Houlka is a very special town and I lived here all my life and I just love the people here in Houlka and we all come together to help one and other.”

“This helps the needy and you can get out and you can fellowship with other people. It helps people to get out with other people. ‘Obviously there is a need for this?’ Yes everybody needs to come out and get them something to eat and fellowship. It’s Thanksgiving.”

This was Eddie Hill’s first time to volunteer with Houlka Helping Hands.

“It’s my first year here but I serve on my church cooking committe and this is so similar to it,” said Hill. “And a lot of people don’t realize when you’re serving people you’re serving God. And that’s one of our greatest missions to be able to serve God through serving others because that’s what our purpose is to serve each other.”

This is the thirteenth year that Houlka Helping Hands has sponsored this event which has grown steadily over the years.

They hope four hundred people this weekend.

And the serving line was well stocked and volunteers were ready when the doors opened. Shannie Dye of Houlka was there early.

“You know I have friends and I got buddies and you God has brought us in this world to have friends and finding them and I thank God for it,” said Dye. “It’s a good idea to invite people to church and pray for people that are not right with God. That’s what I will do. ‘How do you feel about being able to eat today?’ I feel better. I really do. I like it.”

Darthine Veaty spoke on how much she enjoys the event.

“Oh l love it,” said Veaty. “I love it every year that they do this and thank them for doing it. ‘What is special about Houlka?’ Houlka, it is a beautiful town. I love the town. I like Houlka.”

And everyone loved the great collection of desserts.

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