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ABERDEEN, MS(WCBI)- Two years after announcing big plans for an eco-friendly, retail and housing complex, developers say they are almost ready to start work in Aberdeen. But they need a little help from the city. WCBI’s Caresse Jackman talks to developers and is live in the studio with more on that.

Caresse why Aberdeen?

Aundrea and Joey, Developers say why not. It’s in a central location in the middle of two major cities. Not only that, they say these homes could save lives and save homeowners money.

A Utah based developer group has it’s eyes on Aberdeen. The group confirmed plans Monday to build environmentally friendly homes there.

” We came to Aberdeen to build low income housing. These homes are actually eco-friendly homes. One of the nice tings about these homes is they can withstand hurricane winds, tornadoes, because the quality of the material we’re using is a special nanotechnology. On top of that we are putting solar panel on each home. Where city and home owners can benefit from that.”
Leaders plan on building 150 to 200 homes and have financing in place. In addition to being eco-friendly..it’s also cost efficient for owners.

“They can hold heat and cooling really well. The result of all those features is that your bills are less. Your utility bill is less. In the winter or summer. If you can hold temperature in your house, that is perfect.”

The solar project is part of a bigger economic development initiative that includes building two hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. Developers are asking the city for 30 acres at Stinson industrial park.

” They agreed that Aberdeen is the hub that needs to start because it’s centrally located between Memphis, Tupelo, Columbus, Atlanta. It’s right in the middle of a developing area. Litigants, lawyers, defendants, they have to live in Columbus or Tupelo which is 35 miles each way. So we’re looking to at least address that crowd so that economic base that comes can actually stay and spend that money in Aberdeen.”

City leaders plan on discussing the project more tonight at Aberdeen’s Board of Alderman meeting.

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